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How to Register a New WhatsApp Number

In WhatsApp Business Dashboard, you can connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to the dashboard.

  1. To connect a new phone number, Go to the WhatsApp Numbers page by clicking from the left side navigation.

  2. Click the + New Phone Number button and follow the registration steps from Facebook.

  3. Once you have completed the registration process, your request will be reviewed by Facebook for approval. You can only use the registered number to send messages after it is approved. You will be notified through your email once your account is approved. Alternatively, see the WhatsApp number status on the data table on the WhatsApp Numbers page.

WhatsApp number table that shows different statuses

WhatsApp Numbers page. You can add a new phone number and see the list of WhatsApp numbers that are registered to your Business Dashboard acount with the details.

WhatsApp Number Status

For every registered WhatsApp number, you will see a status on the WhatsApp Numbers page. Here’s what the status means:

TrialYou have successfully registered a new WhatsApp number to your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) for the first time and waiting for verification from Facebook. You can send a sample message with the trial experience feature.
New RequestYou have successfully registered another new WhatsApp number and waiting for verification from Facebook.
ConnectedYour WhatsApp number is verified by Facebook and waiting for two-factor verification from
Business AccountYour WhatsApp number is verified by Facebook and and can be used to create and broadcast messages.
Official AccountYour WhatsApp number is upgraded from a business account to an official account.
RejectedYour request for connecting a new phone number has been rejected by WhatsApp. In this case, the following may be the case:
  • Your number has been registered to WhatsApp
  • Your number has expired
  • Your display name does not comply with guidelines from Facebook

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