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CMS Elements

Elements are the component where you can set customizable bot contents in your CMS. Here are the elements we provide on CMS Studio:

Single Elements

  • Text


  • Text Area


  • Text List


  • Slider


  • Dropdown


  • Toggle


FAQ Table

Use this table to maintain FAQ-related knowledge of your bot. All content entered here will be automatically trained into your NL model.

You can create as many labels as you like, depending on how many topics you would like to handle under this FAQ. Every question will be considered as training data and will enrich the existing Natural Language Model. You can also put more than one answers as variations to avoid any repetitive responses.


Contributing to the Documentation

Is something missing/incorrect? Please let us know by contacting If you know how to fix it straight away, don’t hesitate to create a pull request on this documentation’s GitHub repository.