Command Listings

Use kata --help into your command line to see the list of commands offered by Kata-CLI.

The list of command below is accessible by user with role as user:

Commands Functionalities
kata login [options] the parameter options can be user or team
kata whoami to see the current user login informations
kata change-password to change user’s password
kata create-team <teamName> to create team
kata logout to logout from the platform

This command is accessible by user with role as admin:

Commands Functionalities
kata create-user to set spesific role and create user

Command as team:

Commands Functionalities
kata add-member <userName> [options] --admin to assign user as the teammember
kata remove-member <userName> to remove member from the team

The list of command below is accessible by user with role as user and team:

We implement several new commands to manage Project:

Commands Functionalities
kata create-project to create a project
kata list-project to display current projects that you have
kata select-project to select project that you want to use, any bot operation will be related to that project

Please notice that there are also updated commands from the Bot Environment:

Commands Functionalities
kata init <botName> to initialize the bot
kata revisions to list the revisions of the bot
kata config-view to view user configurations
kata list-bots to list the bots
kata push to push the bot revision
kata pull [revision] to pull the bot with specified name and version
kata remove-bot to delete selected bot
kata test [fileName] to run a test for the bot
kata console [revision] to converse with the bot
kata create-deployment Create a Deployment
kata list-deployment List Deployments
kata create-environment <slug> Create an environment on the selected project
kata list-environment List environments of the selected project
kata update-environment <newDeploymentVersion> Update an environment of the selected project
kata add-channel [options] <channelName> Create a channel with channelName on the selected environment
kata list-channel List channels of the selected environment
kata remove-channel <channelName> Remove the channel named channelName from the selected environment
kata drop <botName> to drop bot
kata set <prop> <value>
kata switch <roleType> [userName or teamName] to switch between user and team role. Parameter must be user or team.

Deprecated Commands

Permanently deprecated:

  • kata deploy <name> [version]
  • kata session-get <id> [deploymentId]
  • kata session-create <id> [deploymentId]
  • kata session-update <id> [deploymentId]
  • kata session-delete <id> [deploymentId]

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