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What is Kata Omnichat
Benefits with Kata Omnichat
Before you start
Prepare your Instagram Business account
Prepare your WABA account
Getting started
Register your account first
Connect your Instagram Messaging inbox
Connect your WABA inbox
Configure your agent chatbot
Setup Agent Bot in Kata Omnichat
Create Agent Bot from Kata Platform
How to use the dashboard
Update profile
Change password
Configure your account
How to use
Manage inbox
Add inbox
Add agents
Manage inbox settings
Manage agents to inbox
Set up quick reply
Set up business hours
Set Up Ice Breaker
Manage agent
Add agent
Edit agent
Delete agent
Received the invitation as administrator or agent
Manage your conversation
Admin view conversation
Agent view conversation
Whatsapp Business conversation using a bot
Whatsapp Business API conversation in agent-side (with or without bot)
Conversation in Customer-side using bot
Conversation in Customer-side for Instagram Messaging (without bot)
See Conversation between Chatbot and Customer
Using private notes in conversations
Manual Agent Assignment
Auto agent assignment
Resolve conversation
Take-over bot
Mute conversation
Download transcript
Manage your contact
View contact
Add contact
Manage label
Add label
Add conversation to a label
Manage teams
Add teams
Canned response
Set up canned responses
Setup email notifications
How to use
Get access token
How to use
Enable audio notifications
How to use
Change your status
How to use
View report
Download report
Release Notes

Set Up Ice Breaker

Ice Breakers section provides a way for very first time end-users to start a conversation with a business with a list of frequently asked questions. The steps to set up Ice breaker are shown as below:

  1. Click on the Ice Breaker tap in Inbox Setting
  2. Enter the frequently asked question
  3. Click Add New Ice Breaker
  4. Ice breaker added to your list up to 4 messages
Kata Omnichat
Figure 28Ice Breaker Set Up

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