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How to Set Up Agent Bot

Agent bot is a feature to integrate your Kata Platform chatbot with Omnichat as “agent”. This feature will let you see the conversation stream between bot and end-users and take over conversation from bot when needed. Learn more about creating a chatbot handover to an agent.

Setup Agent Bot in Kata Omnichat

  1. Go to the Settings menu in Omnichat.

  2. Then, click on the Integrations menu. You will see 2 cards: Agent bot and Webhooks.

  3. Click the Configure button in Agent bot card.

  4. Click Add new configuration to set up a new agent bot.

  5. Fill in the agent bot name and description, then choose inboxes that you’ve created before. You can add multiple inboxes in 1 agent bot setup.

  6. Finally, you’re ready to finalize the first step by clicking the generate access token button. You must paste the access token into Platform. Go to create simple chatbot handover tutorial to continue

image alt text

Add agent bot configuration in Kata Omnichat

Create Agent Bot from Kata Platform

For this tutorial, go to Create Simple Handover from Chatbot to Agent Tutorial

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