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Super Model

Super Model is a highly maintained entity that you can use right out of the box. This feature lets you build your NL faster and easier without training.

Kata Entity

Kata Entity is our first of many Super Model to come. Kata Entity lets you extract specific words in a sentence, like a person’s name, location, and more.

About Kata Entity

  • This entity will be added automatically when you create a NEW Project. You can find it on Entities page.
  • You can use this entity right away, without adding any training data.
  • Training this entity won’t affect the prediction result, but we encourage you to do so if you find any mispredictions, as we will use it to improve the models.
  • The model for this entity is maintained by Team Kata and all users will automatically get the updated version whenever Team Kata improved it.
  • Once you delete this entity, you can’t retrieve it back, be careful when doing that.



There are 13 common labels that you can utilize.

PersonPerson’s nameBudi, Siti, Rina Putri
LocationGeneral location, city, country, addressJakarta, Indonesia, Jln Pangeran Antasari 18A
PhoneGeneral phone+62 80123456789, (021) 3456789, 021-5678-9012
DatetimeDate and timehari ini, 17 Agustus 1945, tahun 2019, besok, 17/9/45, jam 3 siang, pagi ini, 19:00
NumberNumber in digit, number in word, sequence of number, mix number in digit and word123, 92, 9.000, satu, dua, tiga ribu, dua tiga, delapan tujuh, 9 juta, 5rb
CurrencyCurrency name, moneyIDR, SGD, rupiah, US dollar, Rp 5000, 5 ribu rupihah, $3, 9 USD
AreaUnit area5 meter persegi, sepuluh m2, 200 ha
DurationUnit duration3 jam, 10 detik, 5 jam 30 menit, sehari, dua hari
LengthUnit lenght5 meter, delapan cm
TemperatureUnit temperature40 derajat celcius, -5 derajat
VolumeUnit volume6 liter
WeightUnit weighttujuh kilogram, 5 gr, 9kg


How to use this entity for my bot?

Same as using any other NL from NL Studio, simply add the NL in Bot’s NL and you can use it as attributes. For more details, refer to documentation

How to add this entity to my existing Project?

Currently, Kata Entity is only available for new projects. You can create a new project and use it as stated above.

Why is the prediction result is not improved after I add training data?

The training data you add does not directly influence the model to ensure the model’s quality. If you find any misprediction in the model, feel free to make a correction. We will save and evaluate your suggestions to improve the model.

Can I add or delete labels in entity kata?

Kata Entity can not be edited or updated. Feel free to give us suggestions if you feel there are labels that should be included.

I accidentally deleted the entity. How can I retrieve it?

You can’t retrieve the entity once you deleted it. You can simply create a new project to use it.

Is this available in English?

Currently, Kata Entity only available for NLU Bahasa Indonesia

Contributing to the Documentation

Is something missing/incorrect? Please let us know by contacting If you know how to fix it straight away, don’t hesitate to create a pull request on this documentation’s GitHub repository.