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Release Notes

The latest news, updates, and changes on Kata Platform.

Version 3.0

Kata Platform 3.0 is our biggest update yet. In this version, we are introducing several new features to help you build a more comprehensive solution for your needs.

What’s New


Manage your chatbot project under one roof. A project consists of one bot design, one NL, and one CMS. Each of them will have different versions you can maintain.

Projects Image

CMS Studio

Build your own CMS for your chatbot. Your client will have a full access to maintain the knowledge or content of your chatbot. Now you can build your own CMS based on your needs.

CMS Studio

Once you’ve done building your own dashboard, you can invite users or clients to contribute to the dashboard and update your bot’s knowledge easily. All in all, your dashboard will look like this:


NL Prediction API

Build your own Natural Language using our NL Studio, and use it everywhere. Now it supports:

  • Entity Recognition
  • Intent Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis

Kata Design Language System


Aksara is our very own design language system. It contains foundations, voice and tone guidelines, component standards, and other guidelines that systematically improve quality, timeliness, and consistency to our product.


Previously known as kata-kit, Wicara is the implementation of Aksara Design Language using React framework. It is designed to be flexible and reusable react components.

Go to to see our Design Language System.

We hope Kata Platform 3.0 will help you build smarter chatbots in shorter development time. It is our mission to democratize AI and help the community to build chatbot solution. For any inquiries, contact us at

Contributing to the Documentation

Is something missing/incorrect? Please let us know by contacting If you know how to fix it straight away, don’t hesitate to create a pull request on this documentation’s GitHub repository.