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Release Notes

The latest news, updates, and changes on Kata Platform.

Version 3.21.0

What’s New

If you’re a user who trains natural language models with large amount of data on KataCLI, but don’t know where you can see the results of the data training, this feature is suitable for you!

We’re adding NL bulk training on the GUI, so you can easily upload your training data (up to 200 sentences/lines) and directly see the results on the same GUI. Learn more about NL bulk training in GUI.

What’s been fixed

Improved training speed for shorter retraining time

Wait, what is retraining?

When doing training for the NL models, you may incorrectly put a tag and prompt an automatic training for the tag. In that case, you can delete the incorrect sentence and the system will perform the retraining process to all your NL models using the updated training data.

Contributing to the Documentation

Is something missing/incorrect? Please let us know by contacting If you know how to fix it straight away, don’t hesitate to create a pull request on this documentation’s GitHub repository.